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A Place Without Aideen's Light - Chapter 3.

 Ziggy galloped through the snow. Her hooves left deep prints in it. She ran after Athena, who was jumping around and neighed happily. "Come have a look at it!" "...What is that?" Ziggy asked, weirded out. Athena found a very strange thing. In the middle of a snowy plain, there was a purple structure with a bright green spiral spinning at its heart. The gray filly shivered. She didn't quite know what she was looking at, but she had a bad feeling about it.  But Athena seemed to be of a different opinion. She trotted closer to the structure and lifted her hoof. "I wonder what it will do when I touch it..." "Athena, don't be silly! You said we would only take a look!" But the filly didn't listen to her companion. She stretched her hoof towards the green spiral. Ziggy suddenly felt chilly. Athena's hoof touched the cold emptiness and it was slowly getting lost in it. "It leads to somewhere," the filly whispered. Ziggy rolled

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